use your gifts.

express with sound.

color your world.

Music is a universal language often unexplored, yet richly rewarding when pursued. It provides a way to articulate emotions that often cannot be expressed with words. It crosses boundaries, bridges gaps, and creates bonds like no other. Learn to speak a language that transcends culture, age, gender, and race, adding an entire dimension to your world of self expression.

"music is the universal language of mankind"

~ henry wadsworth longfellow

Scott Studios offers in-home lessons throughout the Birmingham area as well as in-studio lessons in our Hoover location. People of all skill levels and ages are encouraged to pursue the love of music with lessons that inspire creativity and excellence in a comfortable setting. Students will soon discover that music excellence is a lifelong journey that is worth pursuing while encouraging others with the music they play.


  • It teaches essential skills in theory that can be transferred to any instrument

  • It helps to establish daily discipline

  • It teaches concentration, focus, and patience

  • It is often linked to higher performance in school and/or work

  • It boosts self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment

  • It can develop sensory and emotional awareness

  • It helps students become more comfortable with being in front of people, whether it be performing or speaking

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competitions and festivals

Scott Studios students often participate in festivals and events. Recognition for winning/participating students below:


  • BMMF Theory Exam: 4 Passed their Respective Exams

    • (Congrats Clara, John David, Rebekah, and Evie!)

  • Alabama Music Teachers Association District Competition: 4 Received Outstanding Marks

    • (Congrats Elizabeth, Hannah Ryan, Rebekah, and Evie!)

  • Alabama Music Teachers Association State Competition: 1 Division I Winner

    • (Congrats Evie!)


  • Alabama Music Teachers Association District Competition: 3 Received Outstanding Marks

    • (Congrats Hannah Ryan, Rebekah, and Evie!)

  • Alabama Music Teachers Association State Competition: 1 Division I Winner

    • (Congrats Hannah Ryan!)


"Olivia does a great job helping foster my son's love of music. From creating weekly goals, and games among students, finding songs that kids recognize and love that is on their playing level, to organizing several recitals a year. She keeps it interesting and fun!"

~ Crispin P.

"My daughter has learned so much taking piano with Olivia. She enjoys her lessons, and Olivia has incentives for her to practice. I really appreciate how well organized Olivia is and how well she communicates with the parents."

~ Katie D.